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Imagine RIT

Imagine RIT Refresh


As the event continues to grow, Imagine RIT is introducing a mobile
web app to help visitors get the most out of their experience. This
was a collaborative process between RIT's Office of the President,
University News and Publications, and ITS.

Credits: Mark Marcello and Jared Lyon (Developers)

Launch Project


Concept, User Experience, Wireframes


Photoshop Illustrator


14 weeks

Bringing the Festival To You

The Concept

The concept for the Imagine RIT Refresh came from visitor and student feedback. It was important to help create an effortless experience for first time visitors to the RIT campus and highlight the innovation at RIT. Based on work from the last two years, this year’s Imagine RIT website features both desktop and mobile experiences to learn more about the festival and plan a visit to campus.


About the Festival

There are so many things to see at Imagine RIT. In it's 5th year, Imagine RIT is a campus-wide festival with over 32,000 visitors showcasing the innovative and creative spirit of RIT. The Imagine RIT website redesign allows visitors to be actively engaged before, during, and after the festival.


Target Audience

As a wide-reaching university sponsored event, Imagine RIT has a variety of target audiences including the Rochester community, current RIT students, potential students, sponsors, and companies. In the user experience and design phases it was very important to not alienate any major groups.

Connecting Mobile to Desktop

User Experience

Heavy attention was given to wireframing and the website site map. The site has two main goals: to edcuate visitors about Imagine RIT and to assist them in creating an interary to visit the festival. With a very tight production schedule it was important to effectively communicate with developers to keep everyone on the same page.

  • PYD Homepage
  • PYD Exhibit Page
  • PYD Itinerary
  • PYD Mobile
  • PYD Mobile Itinerary
  • About Page

Continuing the RIT Brand


It was also very important that the Imagine RIT website be both an extension of RIT and an unique experience. Strict guidelines were applied to follow RIT branding while projecting the ecletic feeling of the festival.

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Unique Features

QR Codes

QR Codes

Each exhibit is given a QR code for visitors to access more information on the mobile website.

FB Connect

Facebook Connect

Visitors can use their Facebook to save and share their itinerary on desktop and mobile.

QR Codes

Filter and Sort

The desktop and mobile sites feature major filters and search functionality for over 400 exhibits and entertainment.