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Range Rover

Range Rover Redesign


Land Rover Range Rover Sport stands as a symbol of sleekness and sophistication. A disconnect currently exists between the in-car system and the branding. The challenge for this project was to create an effective product design and redesign the user interface for the Range Rover Sport in-car system.

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Photoshop Illustrator After Effects


5 weeks

Range Rover Dashboard

The Concept

The delicate balance between function (safety) and form (enhanced features) creates an unique opportunity for innovation. My solution to the onboard system encompasses Land Rover's Range Rover's Sport focus on customization by featuring auto-detectable profiles and preferences as well as cutting edge technology such as GPS APIs, music APIs, and voice activation.

Ranger Rover Sport

Target Audience

The Range Rover Sport has uniquely positioned itself as a sporty luxurious vehicle. The typical consumer is between ages 20 to 25. Based on current commercials and print campaigns there is a heavy push to appeal to young, single males – or males looking to recreate that experience.

Current Marketing

Ranger Rover Sport


A large part of this project was research into competitive companies. It was difficult to find successful user interfaces in horizontal price comparisons. Surprisingly, lower end companies and cars featured slightly more intuitive and cutting edge interfaces. Detailed comparisons for major onboard systems included: MyFord Touch, Mercedes-Benz COMAND APS, BMW iDrive, Chevrolet MyLink, Audi MMI, and Lexus Remote Touch. To collect the majority of this research I visited other dealerships to test the system and get information from expert car salesmen.

Ranger Rover Sport

User experience

Simply driving a car is a dangerous thing to do. With constant distractions inside and outside the car it was important to focus on intuitive controls and paths for the driver. With a simple flow, it was also incredibly important not to sacrifice the experience of the Land Rover. To balance these fake personas and possible user flows were created to visualize a driver. Paper prototype user testing was done to mimic someone driving a car.


Ranger Rover Sport


The design direction was a hybrid of current marketing efforts and the product design of the Range Rover. This design borrowed well-known elements from existing tablets to give drivers a familiar experience that they did not need to relearn. It also helps to indicate things like car battery level, active music playing, and cell phone bluetooth connection.

Ranger Rover Sport


Ranger Rover Sport Ranger Rover Sport Ranger Rover Sport Ranger Rover Sport Ranger Rover Sport

Video Prototype